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Established since 1994, Manor Aquatics Centre is one of London's largest aquatic retail centres. We pride ourselves at offering a wide range of Marine fish, Marine Inverts, Tropical Fish, Coldwater fish and Koi as well as all the accessories & products that go with them.

In short we have the full selection to keep a beginner to a keen professional aquarist more than satisfied.

In addition to the impressive selection of live stock we offer, we have been reputed for stocking and showcasing some of the more (weird and wonderful) species of the aquatic world such as; Asian Arrowana including BingTang Super Red. Exotic catfish: Merdontis tigerinus, blue eyed panaque and all L numbers you could wish for.

We also keep in store Salt and fresh water rays, a deadly selection of ocean sharks which include; black tip reef, Leopard, Wobbegong and Port-Jacksoni sharks. And moon jelly fish, blue ring, common and mimic octopus.

All of our fish and corals are imported and quarantined on site in order to provide a healthy selection of fish of the highest quality. We have over 150 tropical tanks, 6500lts of marine fish and 4000lts of Marine Inverts.